Virgin Voyages Adds Third Cruise Ship

The Image Above: Virgin Voyages' Resilient Lady. Photo Credit: Virgin Voyages. 

Virgin Voyages has added its third cruise ship to the fleet following an 11-month delay in the production of the vessel. 

Named "Resilient Lady", she is 912 feet in length and about 110,000 gross tons.

They use Fincantieri’s Mille design concepts with a narrow superstructure that provides about 10 percent more cabins, increased outdoor deck space, including areas closer to the sea than other cruise ships, and increased operating efficiency.

The 11-month delay was a result of a deferral made by Virgin Voyages, with the ship being completed in July 2022, but numerous delays also caused this deferral. 

“I’m thrilled this day is finally here and that Resilient Lady has officially joined our fleet,” said Tom McAlpin, CEO of Virgin Voyages.

Features of Resilient Lady...

The cruise ships feature a hydrodynamic hull design and alternative energy technologies that reduce emissions.

They have a total of approximately 1,400 cabins and suites, 93 percent of which are outsides with a view, and 86 percent have private balconies. The ships accommodate 2,770 passengers with a crew of 1,160.  

Virgin Voyages is scheduled to introduce its fourth cruise ship in December 2023. The Brilliant Lady was floated out by Fincantieri in November 2022 and is currently outfitting.

She is due to sail from San Juan starting at the end of the year, while the Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady will be sailing from Port Miami, and Resilient Lady will arrive in Australia a year behind schedule. 


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