Sharing AIS data with ShipXplorer

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Three months after we installed the first AIS receiver on a roof in Tampa, USA, we launched, the industry's most innovative ship tracker, making it possible for anyone with an AIS receiver to share data with us and expand our coverage around the world. In this blog, we explain how one can start sharing data with ShipXplorer by either applying for a unit or building your own.  

Sharing AIS Data with ShipXplorer 

Go to, select the "Coverage" tab, "Share AIS Data", and "Add Coverage".

ShipXplorer SeaRange AIS Receiver

Do you have an AIS Receiver? Select the "I have an AIS receiver" option and choose which type of receiver you have; a page with a tutorial on how to send AIS data from your device will immediately be displayed.

Apply to host one of our AIS receivers - Apply here! Or, if you prefer to buy one, click here!

By sharing AIS data with ShipXplorer, not only will you help make real-time data available to millions of ship lovers & enthusiasts, but you'll also receive a free ShipXplorer Business Plan.

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Discover our AIS hardware-focused products by clicking here.

ShipXplorer AIS Dongle

ShipXplorer AIS Antenna

You can help us improve AIS coverage by hosting a ShipXplorer AIS Receive. Apply today at


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