Small Fire Breaks Out Aboard World's Largest Cruise Ship: Icon Of The Seas

Eerik Laine - ©

Royal Caribbean International's new cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, recently experienced a "small fire" while docked in Costa Maya, Mexico. The fire was contained quickly and caused no injuries.

The fire reportedly broke out in a crew area on Tuesday, resulting in a brief power outage. However, the ship's backup systems kicked in immediately, and average power was restored shortly after.

This incident comes just a few months after the Icon of the Seas' grand debut in January 2024. The behemoth of a ship boasts the title of the world's largest cruise ship, weighing in at a staggering 250,800 tons.

Packed with luxurious amenities, the Icon of the Seas offers an unparalleled cruise experience. Passengers can choose from a whopping 2,800 guest cabins with 28 variations, some even featuring a three-story "Ultimate Family Townhouse."

Travel industry professionals have been raving about the Icon of the Seas. Rebekah Ingraham, head of media and luxury travel adviser at Travelmation, remarked on the ship's sheer size and innovation, stating she'd "never seen anything like that before."

With seven unique pools catering to every mood and an incredible 40 dining and beverage venues, the Icon of the Seas truly lives up to its name – an Icon of Vacations.

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