ShipXplorer AIS Hardware: Exploring the Future of Ship Tracking

ShipXplorer SeaRange AIS Receiver 

In a world that relies heavily on maritime transport, ensuring the safety and efficiency of shipping vessels is paramount. The advent of Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology has revolutionized the way ships communicate with each other and with onshore monitoring systems. ShipXplorer, a leading player in the AIS hardware industry, offers a range of innovative products that empower maritime enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists to track ships worldwide in real time. In this blog post, we will delve into ShipXplorer's AIS hardware and store, introducing you to their top-notch products that are changing the industry.

ShipXplorer AIS Dongle

The ShipXplorer AIS Dongle is the ideal companion for those who wish to turn their Raspberry Pi or laptop into a powerful maritime tracking station. This high-performance dual-channel AIS USB Receiver decodes AIS transmissions, allowing you to receive AIS messages and data directly onto your device. Here are some key features:

Dual Channel Reception: The dongle can receive signals on both Channel A and Channel B in the 162 MHz VHF band, ensuring comprehensive coverage of AIS traffic.

Plug & Play: Setting up the AIS Dongle is a breeze; no additional software is required. Plug it in and start tracking vessels immediately.

ShipXplorer's Omni-Directional AIS Antenna

ShipXplorer's Omni-Directional AIS Antenna

Regarding long-range AIS reception, ShipXplorer's omnidirectional AIS Antenna is the go-to solution. This antenna is designed to optimize dual-channel (Channel A and B) 162 MHz VHF reception and is suitable for outdoor use. Here's what makes it stand out:

Optimized Long-Range Reception: With its fiberglass and aluminum alloy construction, this antenna can withstand prolonged exposure to the elements and provide uninterrupted long-range AIS reception.

30 ft Cable: The included 30 ft cable with an SMA connector ensures that you can position the antenna strategically for the best signal reception.

ShipXplorer SeaRange AIS Receiver

ShipXplorer SeaRange AIS Receiver

The ShipXplorer SeaRange AIS Receiver is the newest addition to their lineup, offering unparalleled features and capabilities for maritime tracking enthusiasts. This 162 MHz, dual-channel AIS receiver is a stand-alone unit, eliminating the need for extra hardware or software. Here's what it brings to the table:

Advanced Filtering and Amplification: The SeaRange AIS Receiver includes an added filter and an inbuilt amplifier designed to optimize AIS reception on 162.025 MHz and 161.975 MHz frequencies, ensuring you receive the most accurate data.

Comprehensive Package: When you purchase the SeaRange AIS Receiver, you receive not only the receiver but also a 30 ft cable with an SMA connector, a power supply adapter, and Ethernet wires, making it a comprehensive and ready-to-use solution.

To explore these exceptional products and elevate your ship tracking experience, visit the ShipXplorer store now at


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