Amidst tension in the Red Sea, Egypt offers repair services to ships navigating through the region.

Source: Suez Canal Profile

Chairman of Egypt's Suez Canal Authority (SCA) Osama Rabie announced on Monday that the SCA is prepared to provide services to alleviate the impact of the ongoing tension in the Red Sea on ships transiting through the region.

Rabie stated, "The SCA's companies and shipyards are ready to cooperate with its agents by offering all necessary navigation, repair, and maintenance services that transiting ships may need when encountering breakdowns or emergencies."

He clarified that the repair work encompasses the ship's hull and damaged parts. Additionally, Rabie mentioned that the Suez Shipyard Company, affiliated with SCA, has undertaken maintenance and repair work for Zografia. This 55,000-ton dry bulk carrier was struck by a Houthi missile in the Red Sea on January 16.

Emphasizing the commitment to ensuring the regularity of navigation in the canal and the sustainability of global supply chains, Rabie affirmed, "It will remain in continuous and effective communication with all of its clients to minimize the impact of the current conditions in the Red Sea."

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The Houthi group initiated attacks on Red Sea ships in November of the previous year, citing them as a response to Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip. Tensions in the Red Sea escalated after American and British warplanes targeted Houthi sites in Yemen earlier this month.


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